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Sorry it has been a while since my last podcast. I recorded a 13 minute video using Perspective, of a high level deck I have been giving to execs and investors lately. This is the culmination of a lot that has been on my mind lately. If you have an iOS device I strongly recommend watching this from that app on iPad or iPhone. You can also pause the recording and interact with the charts yourself. I also left a few extra charts in there, that I did not speak to, and you can swipe forward and interact with those charts as well.

Here is the direct link for the story in Perspective. If you don’t have the app or just want to watch the video, it is below.

[fluidvideo url=”//″]

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  1. I enjoyed this presentation. The one question I think is hanging out there is the potential for Microsoft in mobile. For example could do something with business/enterprise types that Apple has done with the high end? Android seems badly fragmented to me and it opens the door for another “solution” that works across devices – laptop, tablet, smartphone. I’m not likely to be a Microsoft customer but I wonder about the potential. They do own Nokia after all (for better or worse) and when I played with a lumia phone I thought it was impressive.

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