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A few weeks ago we invited readers to give Tech.pinions Insiders a preview. We got great feedback and we were excited by the level of interest in this service. We are now officially launching our Insider subscription service to the public.

Our goal is to have our readers be our customers and provide them with the best exclusive columns, analysis, reports, multimedia, and more. The Insider service allows our columnists to go deeper and be even more opinionated on a range of industry subjects for an audience that desires more quality content from Tech.pinions.

Tech.pinions Insiders have their own Insider page where we can feature specific new Insider posts. Once logged in, Insiders will see new Insider-exclusive articles on the homepage as well whenever they return to our site.

We started Tech.pinions with a focus on quality not quantity of daily posts. Our goal remains to emphasize and bring quality long-form content and columns on the tech landscape back to the industry. Tech.pinions Insiders lets us continue to deliver quality content but to do so more frequently for those who value it.

We have a number of new features for Insiders, from short story narratives on the history of the technology industry, to deeper tech journalism and reporting, as well as industry reports unique to Tech.pinions.

We look forward to serving you.
– The Tech.pinions Team

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