The Machine Learning Inflection Point

From conversations I have regularly with execs at many of the leading tech companies today, there is no more used phrase than “machine learning.” Some people say AI, and they mean machine learning they just don’t know it. The reality is nothing we call smart today like smartphones, smartwatches, computers, smart speakers, smart lights, smart home, smart cars, etc., is smart. All our so-called smart tech is pretty dumb. A phrase I’ve been using lately is that most our technology is connected, not smart. Machine learning is the one technology that will take our technology from being connected to being smart.

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Ben Bajarin

Ben Bajarin is a Principal Analyst and the head of primary research at Creative Strategies, Inc - An industry analysis, market intelligence and research firm located in Silicon Valley. His primary focus is consumer technology and market trend research and he is responsible for studying over 30 countries. Full Bio