The Tech.pinions Opinion Cast: An Evolving Idea

An analyst colleague of mine and I were joking recently at a major tech trade show. We thought it would be funny if we put up a table in the hallway with a sign that said Ask the Analyst and charged a fee per 5 min for our advice.

Of course this would never work but we thought it was an entertaining idea to kick around. I personally don’t listen to many Podcasts, to be honest. If I want insight or perspective I call the people I trust, they are usually analysts or executives, and we have a conversation. Yet I have been getting many emails from readers asking if we would do a podcast. So we decided to try our hand again but we decided to call it an Opinion Cast and focus more on sharing our wide ranging opinions on matters related to tech. So tomorrow in the afternoon we will have our Podcast rebranded as our Opinion Cast to stream or download.

But I wanted reach out to readers prior and see if there were any specific topics they would like to see us address on this Opinion Cast. We already have a few topics in mind but if anyone would like to submit specific topics for us to tackle we will be glad to consider them for this or future Opinion Casts.

In the future I would like to try streaming one live and letting readers chime in with questions or comments. I’m just thinking out loud here as we try to figure out how to do something valuable with the Opinion Cast.

Any thoughts, ideas, or topic suggestions are appreciated. Feel free to make them in the comments below.

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Ben Bajarin

Ben Bajarin is a Principal Analyst and the head of primary research at Creative Strategies, Inc - An industry analysis, market intelligence and research firm located in Silicon Valley. His primary focus is consumer technology and market trend research and he is responsible for studying over 30 countries. Full Bio

925 thoughts on “The Tech.pinions Opinion Cast: An Evolving Idea”

  1. One thing i have an issue with, operating systems. We seem to be heading towards a situation where the ecosystem you buy into is controlled by its operating system in such a way as to monetize every aspect as much as possible, through search/data mining/advertising, App stores, media consumption/channels, or service contracts. Your gadget seems to be more about extracting as much money out of you as possible for the maker of the operating system you use.
    So I am wondering if there is some point (soon) where people start turning away from proprietary systems and looking for a more open and less commercial alternative.
    Perhaps a linux sort of thing.
    Android was originally supposed o be something like that I have heard. But that obviously didn’t happen. However, independent hardware makers, and independent software houses, may decide they either don’t want to be subservient inside a bigger system, or they are effectively locked out anyway. Under those circumstances there may be a good motivation to rally around a common open-source alternative…?
    I know I have personally been very frustrated to have down-loaded some software that ended up being more about trying to sell me other services than efficiently executing the thing I wanted done. So it is really a con – down-load our app, so we can then flash our ads and banners in front of you as much as possible.
    If it is severely annoying me, then I wont be alone. But are we a big enough market space to make if feasible to develop a new ecosystem/operating system for.