Think Different

on August 24, 2011

My favorite Apple marketing campaign by far was their “think different” campaign. I felt like that campaign profoundly spoke to me and I am a sucker for great marketing.

That slogan, I always believed, summed up Apple eloquently. Apple used the slogan powerfully by simply placing the phrase next to luminaries, visionaries and any other type of person who dared to think different. It was an amazing campaign.

Steve Jobs did not just create a culture of thinking differently; he also surrounded himself with people who also thought different, who saw the world with a different lens. The result is a passionate group of employees who believe they are working on some of the greatest products on the planet; that is why they make some of the greatest products on the planet.

Products created at Apple have the fingerprints of every single person who worked long hours to bring those products into reality. This is why, toward the end of many Steve Jobs speeches, he asked the audience to acknowledge the hard work of everyone who had a hand in Apple’s new creation. And it underscores that Apple is not just Steve Jobs. It is all of them devoted to Jobs’ vision of thinking different and working together to execute on that vision.

From what we have seen Steve Jobs do throughout his career it would be fair to assume that he has been playing on an entirely different level. He is the epitome of thinking different.

Regardless of whether Steve Jobs is at the helm of Apple as CEO or just its Chairman, I am in no way concerned about the future of Apple.

Steve Jobs hasn’t been deeply involved in Pixar for some time now and yet Pixar still is the leader in their feild.

He has done amazing things in and for this industry that employs many of us. I feel honored to have been in the industry, attending industry changing events, and some small part all of it. I look forward to being able to tell future generations that I saw Steve Jobs in action.

The right culture + the right people + the right vision + thinking different = Apple.