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I have the ability to record and broadcast presentations I give through my primary presentation tool Perspective. So I thought it would be interesting to try something different and create a quick analysis of some of my data and add make some points around a particular focused topic. To start, I thought I would focus on Xiaomi. I’d love any thoughts or feedback on this as it is something I’d like to do more of, specifically for our subscribers, but wanted to test it out broadly first.

If you have the Perspective app (it’s free) you can use this link and watch this in the app which is a higher quality experience than the video. As I do more of these, it may be a good idea to get the Perspective app (available on iOS for iPhone or iPad) since I may do more of these live and be able to take questions. All of that can only be done in the app. If you use the app, you can also pause these stories and interact with my charts yourself. If you have iOS I encourage you to try it.

The one is 11m long. I’d like to keep them shorter in the future.

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13 thoughts on “Video Analysis: Xiaomi in Focus”

  1. Would like to hear from folks who watched it through the Perspective app. If you do this you can pause the show and interact with my charts or slides yourself. There is an easter egg in one of the charts I accidentally left in there, if anyone can find it. 🙂

    But would be interested to hear if people liked the ability to interact with my charts themselves.

  2. Ben, great presentation, I learned a few things and it made me more interested in the ecosystem. For a slower speaker or much longer video, I like to download it and speed it up 25-50%, but this was a nice digestible chunk and your narration kept moving along and developing the ideas in a nice way. I didn’t download the data as there wasn’t enough to make it desirable to explore, and you covered it quite well. The point of the data came through. If it were a massive amount of data and/or seemed to have nuance or detail I might download it, but I certainly don’t want to follow along during your narration.

  3. I viewed the presentation in Pixxa Perspective on an iPad 2 running iOS 8, latest version. There were no technical problems when I played it through and then went back and manipulated the charts.

    As far as production values go it looked very good and the charts worked smoothly. The sound took me a while to get used to. A better microphone, or perhaps recording in stereo, might be helpful. I thought the pace of voice and of slides was vert good. Maybe having two images for Shenzen ecosystem would be the only change I can think of. There was a lot of talking on that one image.

    I have been curious about Xiaomi for a long time, from back when I tried MIUI on a Nexus One. That was before they started making phones. I learned a lot in your presentation. I didn’t realize that services and software are so important to Xiaomi economically. Even back when I was using MIUI it seemed like Xiaomi was putting a lot into reaching out to their users, trying to create a loyal user base.

  4. Great slides (love the sliding graphs!) and narrative, looks like they really copied Apple’s model except their HW pricing. Is there more information on revenue sharing from books and apps?

    Have watched it and played with growths, but have a question – why would Others category % remain from Q4 ’13 flat at 40%? Does your data supports this or there’s no solid data for these shipments?

    Edit: sorry I didn’t pull the graph to the far right, Q2 ’14 went down already to 39%

    1. No there is not. And I got that information from a well placed source. 🙂 Very little information on this publicly but I think I have enough data know from the source to estimate what their ARPU per user is, which if holds relatively steady gives us an insight into their financials. Since they are not a public company one has to dig quite a bit to learn these things.

      And to be clear, the chart you are referring to, on Q2 14 is a China specific chart not globally. “Others” is likely to grow globally this next quarter.

      1. Yeah, I saw that;) Would be interesting to see the Others category’s ASP compared to other brands brands and see if they have a chance at that segment or if it’s really rock bottom in terms of handset/smartphone pricing

  5. Having not seen this app before – it’s pretty nice! Too bad the desktop web version looks like a postage stamp without going fullscreen. More informal, but fluid and interactive.

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