Why We Welcome Commentary on Our Columns

on July 23, 2013

One of the most important parts of our TechPinions columns is the comment section at the end of each column.
As editors, we highly vet each column as we are extremely committed to writing and posting pieces that are insightful, informative and sometimes provocative. Each of our writers are seasoned thought leaders and we highly appreciate the comments and even constructive criticism that is often offered in these comment sections.

I want to also make note that we encourage insightful and thoughtful feedback from our readers. When Techpinions started, there was a person who often commented on our columns and we marveled at his insight and the thought provoking feedback he would make on the columns he commented on. Although he was a retired lawyer and not even from our industry, his understanding of the economics of the PC market and how business works really got our attention. So we invited him to do a column or two and they were so well received that we decided to give him a weekly spot on Techpinions. John Kirk now regales us with his thoughts each Thursday.

We know through our feedback from many Techpinion readers that they are a highly educated bunch, prone to strong opinion and full of great feedback about the content and/or logical reasoning stated in many of our columns. We truly appreciate it and welcome these comments that extend the spirit of the column and make it multi-dimensional in a good way. We are also pleased that in most cases, the comments are thoughtful and very seldom stray from the topic or become personal attacks on the author as we see in a lot of other sites where comments are all over the map. As our readers know, personal attacks make no sense when instructive and sometimes constructive dialog should be at the center of the overall discourse.

As one of the co-founders of Techpinions I truly appreciate the great feedback we get from our readers and look forward to hearing more of you share your thoughts and analysis on the columns we post each week.