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Apple And The “Noah” Rule

Critics: Apple Has Nothing Under Construction Following Apple’s iPhone Event last Tuesday, September 10th, the Pundits – echoed by the stock market – have been relentlessly critical of Apple’s iPhone 5C pricing strategy. Investors have … Continue reading

John Kirk / September 19th, 2013

Apple and Imperfection

Near the end the dot-com bubble, smart investors finally realized that a major problem with tech stock pricing was that dozens of companies were priced to perfection: Their stock prices were so high relative to … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / January 23rd, 2013

Why Apple’s Earnings Reports Matter

Today Apple released their earnings report for the third quarter of 2011. As was expected there was much anticipation regarding the earnings, not only from Wall St but also from media outlets. Apple did not … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / July 19th, 2011
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