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The Very Googley Motorola X

I’ve spent the last week with the Motorola (a Google Company) X. As many who read my columns will know, I prefer iOS to Android and I make that clear. However, when it comes to … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / August 30th, 2013
Dennis Woodside (Asa Mathat-D:All Things Digital)

Google, Motorola, and the Future of Android

To hear both Sundar Pinchai, head of Android and Chrome at Google, and Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola Mobility, tell it, Motorola is just another Android OEM despite being a wholly owned Google subsidiary. This...

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Steve Wildstrom / June 18th, 2013
Android logo

How Google Should Fix Android

It’s time for Google to step up and take charge of the Android platform it has created. I know this sounds odd. By at least one standard, Android is a runaway success. It is by … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / October 10th, 2012

Why Google Must Commit To Hardware

With the Nexus One and their recent purchase of Motorola, Google has more then signaled that they will soon be in the hardware business in a big way. And the recent rumors that they are … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / February 27th, 2012

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx Commercial–Best Droid Marketing Yet

When I met with Motorola at CES and they showed me the Droid Maxx I suspected they were on to something. What is interesting to me as an analyst about this device is that it … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 15th, 2012

Google Officially Owns Motorola–Now What?

US Regulatory agencies along with the European Union approved Google’s acquisition of Motorola today. This acquisition, although initially positioned for Motorola’s patents, could very well cause quite a bit of change in the mobile landscape. … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 14th, 2012

What Intel Must Demonstrate in Smartphones (and soon)

Intel made a big splash at CES 2012 with the announcement that Motorola and Lenovo committed to Intel’s Medfield smartphone solution. This came on the heels of a disappointing break-up between Intel and Nokia as … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / February 7th, 2012

Why the PC Industry Cannot Ignore Smartphones

When HP abandoned their smartphone and tablet business and webOS last August, many in the industry were disappointed in the speed of the Palm acquisition and the quick dismantling of it. Some who consider themselves … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / January 31st, 2012


  The Wall Street Journal: “More fizzle than pop.” The Los Angeles Times: “An evolution, not a revolution.” The Washington Post: “It wasn’t exactly blowing my mind.” “Lunch-bag letdown.” Business Insider: “A huge disappointment, … Continue reading

Peter Lewis / October 6th, 2011

H-P’s Apotheker: We Want to Split H-P Into Two Companies

H-P CEO Leo Apotheker has a very different set of talking points this week than he did last week in a hastily called teleconference after a trading halt which announced the halt to WebOS investments … Continue reading

Peter Kastner / August 26th, 2011

Google+Moto: “Like a Python That Swallowed a Minivan”

Michael Mace, who knows more about mobile computing than just about anyone around, is deeply skeptical about Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility. “Either Google’s worldview will dominate and ruin Motorola, or worse yet the Motorola … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / August 17th, 2011

Updated: Motogoo: The Damage to Google’s Bottom Line

Update 8/16: The market seemed distinctly cooler to the Google-Motorola Mobility deal the day after, with shares falling 3.27% to 539. And Standard & Poor’s downgraded GOOG from “buy” to “sell” on concerns about the … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / August 15th, 2011

Google: Set Top Box King?

Largely overlooked in the initial reaction to Google’s proposed $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility is the deal’s potential impact on the cable set top box business. When Motorola split the company in two, the … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / August 15th, 2011

Why Google had to buy Motorola

At the end of the year, when I made my predictions for the New Year, I stated that I believed Google would buy Motorola Mobile. And last week, Ben wrote here in Tech.Pinions about why … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / August 15th, 2011

Why Google Should Buy Motorola

Article Disclaimer: This is all theory and purely speculative. This is simply a thought exercise. Motorola has been an interesting company to watch over the past 10 years. They have been a driving force in … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / August 10th, 2011

The Asus PadFone is a Glimpse of the Future

As a part of my work as an industry analyst I do a great deal of thinking about the future. Many of the projects we get pulled into and asked to add analysis on are … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / July 15th, 2011
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