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My Facebook For A Kingdom

I come not to bury Facebook, but to question it. I seek clarity, assurances. What is Facebook? Is it social media? An app? A global phenomenon? Instant messaging? The place where we connect, share our … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / November 3rd, 2014

Technological Patriotism

Technology is breaking down barriers throughout the world. Conversely, a form of technological nationalism has taken hold, limiting tech’s rise. Expect such nationalist fervor to become more widespread, more virulent, probably more unfair.  Technology is the new … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / October 13th, 2014

The Smartphone Is The Computer

I have spent the past three weeks in Detroit, a city possessing a rich history and an unremitting present. The vagaries of Silicon Valley count for little here. When I heard a young man ask … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / July 7th, 2014

Life Liberty And Pursued By Google

If we do not have a right to be forgotten on the Internet then we have no right to privacy. None. We cannot allow Google and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales to strip us of this basic … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / June 16th, 2014

Back To The Past With Oculus Rift

The pundits tell us Facebook’s purchase of Oculus VR is proof virtual reality has arrived, at long last. The future is now. Except all I can think about is the past. That’s what I mostly … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / June 9th, 2014
american flag on the iPhone

Nokia Has Fallen. America Wins The Smartphone Wars.

Nokia has fallen. Not even the name will remain. America’s victory in the smartphone wars is complete — for now. Last week’s news from the front lines of the smartphone wars illuminates the scope of America’s … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / April 30th, 2014
Steve Jobs laughing

The Genius Of Steve Jobs Or Why Google And Facebook Must Make Big Bets

The ghost of Steve Jobs haunts Google and Facebook. Unlike Apple, which has always aligned its interests with its users, both Google and Facebook must serve two masters: users and customers. They are not the...

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Brian S Hall / April 2nd, 2014
this little piggy

Why Bitcoin Still Does Not Matter

You can buy Bitcoin today, swap your next mortgage payment for this aggressively hyped “cryptocurrency,” lose it all to crime, fraud or incompetence, no questions asked. Yet you are still legally barred from even participating … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / March 24th, 2014
The Disappeared

The Mystery Of Flight 370 And Friends On The Internet I Will Never Meet

My mind continues to reflect back to those with loved ones on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370*.  Desperate, hopeful, hopeless, an inexplicable truth staring back at them. What can they do? Wait still more? Call? I … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / March 17th, 2014

The Death Of iPhone. The Death Of Android. The Rebirth Of Facebook.

Well, that was a heckuva week. Google sells Motorola for billions less than they paid for it. Apple sells millions fewer iPhones than nearly everyone expected, then directs guidance lower. Facebook becomes a mobile first … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / February 3rd, 2014

Truth And Lies Of Silicon Valley

It’s a privilege to write here, and a joy to focus on the long-term trends in technology, the rise and fall of companies and leaders, and the impact this region has upon not only America, … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / November 25th, 2013

Facebook’s Conundrum

I used to be very bearish on Facebook. I’d say I’m more skeptically neutral now. Each quarter Facebook has posted significant growth in terms of monthly active users. Yet when we talk to consumers, particularly … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / November 1st, 2013
Difficult choices of a businessman

The Definitive Answer Guide to Which Smartphone You Should Buy

Forget all the rumors of an Apple iWatch. Ignore the surprisingly good reviews of Google Glass. Neither of these will come close to replacing your smartphone. Not for many, many years; probably never. The question … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / May 12th, 2013

Why Maps are “Really” Important to Apple

In my last Apple Maps column I discussed why Apple would have delivered a suboptimal maps experience. This analysis was really a short term view of why they would do this, and the answer was … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / October 16th, 2012

Why Google Should Fear Facebook

I have written quite a bit about my doubts of Facebook’s long term value. And amidst all the recent news about their IPO woes it seems like investors are skeptical as well. Last week I … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / May 25th, 2012

Are Facebook’s Best Days Over or Ahead?

With Facebook’s public offering over, its time to ask the question of whether Facebook’s best days are over or are there any other scenarios that could boost their earning potential and actually let them grow … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / May 21st, 2012

3 Columns Skeptical of Facebook’s Long Term Value

In light of Facebook IPO day, I thought I would share three key columns I wrote about Facebook. I remain skeptical of Facebook’s long term value. Specifically the business model and sustainable value to those … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / May 18th, 2012

Why Facebook Might Make A Smartphone

There have been a lot of rumors flying around these days that Facebook could be bringing out a smartphone of their own and that HTC is making it for them. Facebook has denied they would … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / May 7th, 2012
Thumbs Up Facebook Symbol

Why I Wouldn’t Invest in Facebook

First let me clarify that due to my line of work I do not invest personal money into any public tech stock. That being said, even if I did, I would not put my own … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / April 12th, 2012
Facebook Instagram

Facebook is for Old People

“FACEBOOK IS STUPID AND FOR OLD PEOPLE“, my 12 year old daughter texted me yesterday after FaceBook offered to purchase Instagram. If you have teenage or pre-teen girls or boys, this demonstrative behavior isn’t anything … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / April 10th, 2012

Facebook and the Future of Web Apps

There was a little company, that I found interesting, called Strobe who was building a platform to help developers build and monetize HTML 5 web apps. I spent some time with their founder Charles Jolley, … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / November 22nd, 2011

The 30 Percent Solution

  Blogs are unforgiving. The entire world can see that I expected the highlight of Apple’s iPhone 5 introduction last week to be a kumbaya love fest between Apple and Facebook. Facebook is number one … Continue reading

Peter Lewis / October 11th, 2011

10-4, Good Buddies

It’s official: Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 on Oct. 4. But it is widely expected that they’ll make an announcement for the iPad, too: Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook would probably … Continue reading

Peter Lewis / September 27th, 2011

Social Media Wars – How Wide Do We Open the Kimono? Google+, Facebook, Etc.

  By now, you may have heard the name Michael Lee Johnson.  He’s a young web developer who recently tried to promote his presence on Google+ by taking out a Facebook Ad.  What’s wrong with … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / July 22nd, 2011

Should the Facebook-Microsoft Alliance Worry Google?

The Facebook announcement of Skype integration was also an announcement in the next stage of the relationship between Microsoft and Facebook. Austin Carr wrote an interesting article this morning over at Fast Company titled: “Why … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / July 7th, 2011